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Discipline Challenge- Week 1

on April 9, 2012

So yesterday I spoke about making resolutions following Easter. This morning, when I checked my email, it seemed that Courtney from Women Living Well  had a similar (but far more inspired) idea and so I am linking up with her today. Hop on over to her blog to see the complete explanation of what this challenge entails.

5 weeks - 5 disciplines

What a wonderful idea! It is the push I have been waiting for to get my act together. I suffer from a condition called Hypermobility Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder that means my joints dislocate very easily and are often very painful. There is no cure for this- ironically the only thing that can aid the symptoms is… you guessed it- exercise! I don’t do any exercise at all at the moment. I have become so lazy. I use the pain as an excuse not to exercise even though sitting around doing nothing, makes me more stiff and the pain worse. Then that decreases my chances of getting up and actually doing something. When I wirte it down it sounds like a pretty poor excuse! Really I have no excuse, my issue is, I have no self-discipline!

This is why I love Courtney’s idea so much! We can hold each other accountable and progress through the challenges together. Courtney’s challenge to us this week, is to choose one healthy habit we would like to create and maintain over the next five weeks and so here is mine:

I will do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, drink more water and get eight hours of sleep every night.

It doesn’t seem like much but I know it will make a difference to me and to this body that the Lord has given me to reside in. I plan to find some creative ways to enjoy my exercise more and some creative ways to fit it into the day also. I will keep you posted on my peaks and lows and hopefully encourage some of you to undertake the challenge as well.




2 responses to “Discipline Challenge- Week 1

  1. This is a great goal and a great reason to exercise!!! How did you do today? Did you get up and get moving – it can be hard to do…but once you get going it’s gonna feel SO good!! You can do this! Don’t give up!!
    Lots of love,

  2. Thanks so much for your support Courtney! Unfortunately this week wasn’t good in terms of my health and my ability to exercise! However, I poured my energy and prayer into managing my condition and the Lord has shown me a new and positive outlook! I’m loving your challenge and followed far more diligently this week!

I am a new follower of Jesus and I love to hear the wisdom and advice of others.

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