Christian Cailín

Pursuing Proverbs 31 Pre-Marriage

About Me

My name is Katie. I am a 22 year old Irish cailín who has recently accepted Jesus as my personal saviour. I am in the process of pursuing Proverbs 31 and I hope that you will accompany me on my journey.

I have a wonderful boyfriend but we went the wrong way about doing a lot of things. Now, after six years together, we are in the pre-engagement stage of our relationship, and taking it much more seriously than we previously had. I have made many mistakes in the past and I’m sure there will be many more to come, but now, with a new, Christian perspective, I can learn from these mistakes. (Said boyfriend is referred to in my posts as Ci – as in ‘key’, or my love)

I hope to blog about cooking, baking, housekeeping, gardening, crafting and even blogging. Although I don’t intend to home-school (even though I do see the huge value that home-schooling our children has), I am a student, primary teacher and so I hope to include some tips and lessons in this blog, that I think might be helpful to homeschooling parents or those considering it.

In the classroom doing some work on Static Electricity!

I will warn you now, I have little to no experience in these areas, but I will share what I learn as I go along. Constructive criticism is most welcome as I embark on my new journey! 🙂


I am a new follower of Jesus and I love to hear the wisdom and advice of others.

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